Acting Workshop

Acting Workshop, photograph courtesy of Paul Kinsella.






Our Acting Workshops are set for all ages and welcome all skills and abilities.
Taking place one Saturday per month from 10 a.m. £29.
If you’re already taking our private training these workshops are already part of your monthly fees.

In the monthly acting workshops, we primarily focus on scene work.  The scene work is performed in the context of our actors developing character relationships through their interactions in the moment.

The workshops are inspired by Meisner technique however always in context of the scene.  We work on how reaction to the stimulus given by a scene partner can create naturalistic moments and generate emotion.

Whatever stage of your acting journey you may be at, the workshops can accommodate what you are looking for.  Whether you are a beginner looking to gain confidence, or a more experienced performer looking to hone your skills; we can find a suitable scene and partner for you to work on and help you succeed.

If you are interested then get in touch through any channel you like.. except cup and string.. You can have a go at telepathy, but please don’t include any other personal information, can be slightly embarrassing.