Life Coaching and Counselling

If you’re not the thespian (actor) type, you can still build your confidence and escape social anxieties through our one to one “Communication” sessions.

We explore different methods and techniques – much like with acting but in your day to day life.

We help you to understand how to create your own direction in life rather than consistently feeling like you’re not accomplishing anything.

We have an uncanny way to dive into your psyche and tap into what lies beneath. It may just need a little nudge to awaken hidden talents!

Once you’ve achieved this the possibilities are endless.

Our sessions can take place via Web chat, Skype, Phone and even WhatsApp.

Our simplified pricing structure is based on your time. If you feel you just need a boost here and there you can just grab a 20 minute session when available:

20 minutes for £20
40 minutes for £40
60 minutes for £60

Nice and simple. You’ll be notified whenever it looks like you’re about to overspend. It’s important to us that you can keep an eye on what you spend. We charge monthly depending on the time you use and you can allocate your own limit.