With the ever growing need for exemplary tutoring in the broad range of theatre and entertainment, we offer a range of different approaches in understanding and getting to grips with the evolving industry.

As well as lecturing on the different aspects of entertainment such as Stage, TV and Film our tutors take detail very seriously and visit colleges and schools to open up the somewhat unanswered questions pertaining to the business.

If you or your children are really wanting to make a personal career move into this industry get in touch. Our tutors are here to help you move forward in these decisions.

Right from the word go we are taking workshops around primary and secondary schools to cater for the possibility of “untapped” talent. Our renowned “Drama Club” for schools has gone from strength to strength and are now a firm fixture introducing children to theatrical entertainment, at the same time helping with any confidence issues they may have. In the sessions we offer many different ways to combat any issue students may have in working in front of an audience and more importantly together as a team.

For the more advanced, we also give lectures to colleges and schools.

Contact us for more informations.